Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm "IT"

My sister "tagged" me which she informs me means that now I must write 6 things about myself; fears, secrects, habbits, ect. Which is cool I guess because it actually gives me something to write about, even if it is all about boring old me.

1. Deep Dark Secrect: I've never really thought of myself as much of a secret keeper. In fact, I've always been horrible at keeping secrets. Ever since I can remember I told people what was in their Christmas packages, where some one was hiding, and everything else that was suppose to remain undisclosed. Something most people probably don't know about me though is that no matter how much I say I hate "girly" things like dressing up, dancing, or talking on the phone, I am really starting to like to shop. Oh no, I can't believe I just admitted it.

2. Favorites: I love finishing things, school classes, books, projects, ect. I love spending time with Dave and family. I love when Dave cooks dinner for me and tucks me into bed. I love my bed, I love sleep, ...I think I'm really tired.

3. Fears: Ever since I was really little I have had a dream where my house burns down in the middle of the night and I run as fast as a can to save my scrapbook, journal, and scriptures. Every once and I while I still have this dream and it still freaks me out just as much.

4. Habits: I have this really weird habit of making my bed just before I go to bed. All day long it sits there with the sheets twisted up, pillows on the floor, blankets half way off the bed, and then right before I go to bed I suddenly have a need for it to be perfect. I walk around the bed several times making sure the fitted sheet it securly wrapped around each corner, that the top sheet and duvet are are centered just right, and the pillows are nicely fluffed lying side by side inside their pillow cases. And then just after I'm done Dave comes flying in the bedroom and flops down on the bed, errr.

5. Talents: To be totally honest, I've always felt quite talentless. Deep down though, I know that's just not true. One talent that I do believe I posses, and have always been proud to have, is the ability to play like a kid. No matter how old I've been I've always loved taking off my big kid jacket and playing like I was 5 again.

6. Things I'd like to learn: I like to learn things. A couple things I'd like to learn how to do are sew, html, how to decorate cakes better, how to grow a garden, and lots of other things that aren't coming to me right now.

Well now I guess it's my turn to "tag" people.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

New and Improved

I've created this new blog because I didn't like very much (not so user friendly). It seems like every one has addresses and I like the way theirs look much better so I thought I'd give it a try. So welcome to my new, and hopefully improved blog. No promises that I will write much more on this one though.

It's time for a celebration. After 4 months without kitchen lights I finally have light in my kitchen! Dave finished installing recessed lights in our kitchen yesterday and I am so happy. It was a little nerve racking cutting holes in our ceiling since we didn't know exactly what we were doing. After hours of measuring the exact location for the lights Dave began to cut. Moment later he quit. When I re-entered the room and asked why he had stopped he told me that he had hit a stud. Turns out that was an important bit of information we left out of our measuring calculations. An adventure into the attic, a bit of remeasuring, and some spackle took care of that problem. They are now done and look so awesome! And what's even better, I can read my recipes when I cook now. Which is a very good thing. Now we just have to finish patching the holes from Jason and I's light incident.