Friday, November 18, 2011


Millie turned one last Friday, and it was extra special this year as she was one on 11-11-11, so fun!

She had a wonderful birthday, and was in good spirits the whole day. Dave and I had a blast with her. During the day we took her to the mall to see the puppies at the pet store. Millie absolutely adores dogs. She was very confused when we first went into the store, but once she realized there were dogs inside we couldn’t contain her. She could hardly contain herself as well. She would make loud urgent screaming noises, making people think that she was afraid of the animals, when in fact she was so happy she was squealing.


After seeing the puppies, we stopped for lunch and took Millie to play in the Kid Zone for a bit.


In the evening, we had a birthday party with family. Millie was confused by the whole thing, but she did seem to enjoy seeing everyone. She loved being sung to. She scarfed her cake, and with a lot of help she unwrapped her gifts.


My favorite part of the party preparations was pulling out my old cake decorating skills, and making Millie her 1st birthday cake. I made it to look like her much coveted “taggy blanket” (which you can see featured in the lower left photo). I had a great time making the cake, and the best part was it only took like 30 minutes.



This picture pretty much sums up how Millie felt about the whole day. YAY!

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Thanks to everyone who came. We love you all, and are so happy that you are part of Millie’s life.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Millie’s First Halloween

Last Halloween I longingly wondering how Halloween would be with a child, and look forward to the new traditions it would bring to our family. I was so right to look forward to it. Dave and I had a wonderful time with Millie this Halloween.

Before the big day arrived my sister came over and helped me design a strawberry costume for her, (she accidently got a hold of a blue maker he cousin Amelia was coloring with, crazy stuff happens when Lonica and I get crafting.)


We got to dress Millie up twice, once for the ward party and once on Halloween night. In my humble opinion, she looked absolutely adorable! We had a blast with her both nights! We also had a great time trick or treating with Amelia. Although it was Amelia’s first time trick or treating she caught on quick and had a great time showing Millie how it was done. While Millie was a little slower to catch on, she would more often than not stand motionlessly at each house chewing on a wrapped piece of candy, I have no doubts that next year she will be a fan.


Dave and I also had some Halloween fun without our little strawberry. We were lucky enough to attend two Halloween parties. At the first, we dressed up as a dork and pumpkin pi, and to the more formal themed party, we went as The Phantom of the Opera and Christine. We had a great time being our normal dorky selves at each party.