Friday, November 4, 2011

Millie’s First Halloween

Last Halloween I longingly wondering how Halloween would be with a child, and look forward to the new traditions it would bring to our family. I was so right to look forward to it. Dave and I had a wonderful time with Millie this Halloween.

Before the big day arrived my sister came over and helped me design a strawberry costume for her, (she accidently got a hold of a blue maker he cousin Amelia was coloring with, crazy stuff happens when Lonica and I get crafting.)


We got to dress Millie up twice, once for the ward party and once on Halloween night. In my humble opinion, she looked absolutely adorable! We had a blast with her both nights! We also had a great time trick or treating with Amelia. Although it was Amelia’s first time trick or treating she caught on quick and had a great time showing Millie how it was done. While Millie was a little slower to catch on, she would more often than not stand motionlessly at each house chewing on a wrapped piece of candy, I have no doubts that next year she will be a fan.


Dave and I also had some Halloween fun without our little strawberry. We were lucky enough to attend two Halloween parties. At the first, we dressed up as a dork and pumpkin pi, and to the more formal themed party, we went as The Phantom of the Opera and Christine. We had a great time being our normal dorky selves at each party.



Kayla said...

I know you'd probably never consider growing your hair out BUT you look amazing in that wig!

bdrain said...

Where did you get the wig?

Summers Camp said...

I am so bummed I didn't get to see Millie the Strawberry in person :( *B