Sunday, September 6, 2009

How to Save $30

The other day I was in Old Navy's dressing room trying on a jean skirt. I looked at the price tag, $30, I debated it and then tried it on. I was glad to discover that the skirt made my butt look 3 times larger than it already is, cus then I didn't have to decide weather or not to spend the $30. However, I still really wanted a new skirt.
The next morning I was hanging my new jeans in my closet when I decided that more than two pairs were overdue for a tossing out. And that's when I had a brilliant idea, and less than two hours later, and just in time for church, I saved myself $30, and my old jeans a trip to the garbage when I turned this:
into this:

It was so easy even I could do it. It was fun too. All you have to do is google "jeans into a jean skirt" and you will find tons of instructions.