Monday, March 28, 2011

Creating Millie’s Room

Before we could bring Millie home, her room needed a lot of TLC. The previous owner had their son living in it, so it was dark, and sported some lovely blue carpet. I was very excited so girlify it! I started during my first trimester, and finally “finished” a few weeks ago. (still have to stain the shelf above her changing table and add some more pictures above her crib, but for the sake of blogging, I am calling it done)



Beginning renovation. I had so much junk stashed in this room!


Five months prego. I finally picked my paint colors and started painting.


Then it was time to get rid of this eye sore!


Way to go Dave! He tore up and installed the new carpet all by himself!…o sorry, Elle helped.


Next, it was time to hang the chair rail.


We got the furniture moved in and the crib set up at the end of October. I then planned to hang up pictures and do the other finishing touches when I left work, but Millie had other plans. Arriving two weeks early, I never got to said plans. Instead, she came home to a room full of unorganized baby gifts, and I spent the time after Christmas hanging pictures, putting away baby clothes, and finally finishing her room.

And I absolutely love it. I wanted to go for a classic children’s book theme, but it more just ended up being a collection of fabrics I picked up. However, the pictures above her bed feature The Velveteen Rabbit, Beatrix Potter, Raggy Ann and Andy, and Winnie the Pooh.

DSC01428 - CopyDSC01435

We got all this great furniture on Craigslist for $300! It was a steal!

DSC01429 - CopyDSC01430 - Copy

I can’t wait until the swing in no longer a necessity, it takes up so much space! But luckily I got a great deal on it too, $30 at a garage sale!

DSC01431 - Copy

My sister came to visit in July and helped me make this cute crib bedding. I love it, and couldn’t have done it without her! Thanks Lonica! We followed this great tutorial.

DSC01434 - Copy

Millie should count herself lucky, because as fun as it was, I don’t see myself ever doing so much baby prep again…

Sunday, March 27, 2011



I found this sweet chair while driving around Alta Mesa’s garage sale a couple of weeks ago  (over a year ago!). The lady that owned it was sitting in it in her garage. I pulled over the car walk up to her and “Is the chair you are sitting in for sale.” Lucky for me it was.

So, I started this post in February, OF LAST YEAR! I told myself then I am going to redo this chair make it beautiful, and I’m not going to let it become a long drawn out project, I’m going to get it done fast! HA- What a joke! In my defense I found out I was pregnant shortly after. Also, it took a while to collect supplies, and then it got put off because I put priority on baby projects, and let’s be honest, the sewing got really intimidating.

It has sat in my master bedroom for a long time with everything finished but the top cushion, but I finally got the time and nerve to finish it, and now I love it! It is such a great place to sit and read, hold/feed Millie, talk on the phone, ect. It was such a great find and so fun to fix up.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Swimming Lessons!!!

Hey Everyone, Check it out! I will be teaching swimming lessons at my parent’s home this summer. Click on the flyer below, and then let me know if you are interested or have any questions. I would love to teach your kids!

swim lesson flyer

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In February

During the month of February we…

Celebrated Dave’s 31st! Birthday. Wow, time fly's!DSC01080DSC01082DSC01092

Had a wonderful Valentine’s Date together at home.


and welcomed our soon to be great aunt into the church. Ok, fine that happened March 1st, but we were so glad to see her baptized.


We hope you all had a great February and that your March is off to a good start. Millie and I are heading to Salt Lake today to play in some cooler weather more on that when we get back!

Sunday, March 6, 2011



…it doesn’t get much better than that.