Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Post Per Dave’s Request

Dave has very little, to no interaction with this blog, but last night when he found out that I had not posted this silly story about Millie (like I really ever post any stories, or post much at all for that matter) I felt guilted into sharing it, and not to mention, flaunt this darling picture of my baby girl.

Excerpt from Millie’s Journal:

After not napping, again, this morning we went to visit my old work. Everyone was so shocked to see how big you are and to see you trying to walk. You were getting pretty cranky when it was time to go home so I hurried and feed you and got you in the car so we could get home for your nap. When I set you in your car seat I gave you a Ritz cracker. I watched you through the car mirror sit there hopelessly holding it at the beginning of the drive, and the next time I looked in the mirror you were out like a light still holding your cracker. When we got home I set you in your car seat in the pantry and let you sleep. Forty-five minutes later, ugh, you woke up crying, but only for a short minute. When I peeked in the pantry to see if you had fallen back to sleep I found you eating your cracker. hehe.

2011-10-13 12.00.42

Friday, October 14, 2011

Cousin Amelia

Millie’s big cousin, Amelia, (my sister’s daughter) moved here in May from Ohio. We were all so thrilled to have them back in Mesa. Lonica and I get together at least once a week, and if we aren’t getting together, than one of us is watching both of the girls. It has been so wonderful to have my sister, and friend, near by again. Happiest of all, could perhaps be Amelia. She has become Millie’s number one fan, and with some time to figure things out, Millie has become quite fond of Amelia too. At only 15 months apart, Millie and Amelia remind me a lot of my sister and I. We too are 15 months apart, and getting to watch these two grow up around each other makes me feel like I’m taking a look into the past. Amelia is such a huge Millie fan that Lonica doesn’t dare tell Amelia of an up coming play date until it’s just about to happen for fear of having to hear “Millwee, Millwee. See Millwee.” OVER and OVER and OVER again. The best part about this little arrangement is, in March Millie will have an other new girl cousin that she will be 16 months older than and she then will be able to go bananas over her.

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