Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Little Bit of Mexico

Dispite the fact that were I work at is call Swimkids USA it has several factors that remind me of Mexico. For those of you who have been to Rocky Point, or the like, you know the golden rule of being able to get around in Mexico; "there is no such thing as germs in Mexico." So it is at Swimkids. You must tell yourself, as you walk through the bathrooms barefoot and into the showers, "there's no such thing as germs." As you submerge a smiling child, with the biggest green booger in their nose, and see that is gone upon surfacing you must tell yourself, "there's no such thing as germs." And later when that same child spits up in the water and you watch it float by you, you must tell yourself, "there's no such thing as germs."

Those of you who have gone on a taco run at 11pm in Rocky Point can recall small children hanging out in the restaurante, usually glued to a television. Since no one at Swimkids believes in childcare, and it's a kid friendly environment, every day at Swimkids is bring your child to work day. A quarter of our brake room has been transformed into a mini nursery completly equipt with toys, infant swings, bean bag chairs, and a TV that is playing a movie 24/7. Employee's kids can also be found wondering around the gym, pool, and play area, and oh so commonly being held by employees while working the front desk. And if that's not shocking enough, nothing beats the child labor. Much like Mexico our employees have their children work for them. No matter how young they are, or how late it is on a school night, the cleaning lady's son can be found working right beside her cleaning windows and mopping floors.

Now don't get me wrong I love working at Swimkids USA, but sometimes it just reminds me a little of being in Mexico.