Sunday, September 21, 2008

Growing a Green Thumb

Unrelated to my quest to begin my food storage, on Friday I began planting my fall garden. In June Dave and I built this raised garden box. And when I say "Dave and I" I mean mostly Dave, I did however waterproof the wood :)
My hubby's the man when it comes to building things. Thanks hon, you did a great job! Too bad I didn't realize before the box was done that it is so small you can hardly grow anything in it.

I did plant some carrots, lettuce, spinach, and herbs in it though. So here is a shot of the completed box and day one for my little seedlings.

And to make up for the lack of space in the box I planted some, squash, broccoli, tomatoes, and peppers in the ground.

Since I am completely inexperienced in the world of gardening it will be interesting to see if anything edible is produce. Gardening is like rocket science to me.

Only two days after planting, I've learned that I should have made furrows. All my plants were completely dried up when I came home from church. Lesson 1 in gardening: water more.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Are you in?

At seven o' clock tonight I attended a meeting about food storage, now two hours later I am feeling pretty certain. Pretty certain that if an atomic bomb went off while Dave and I sleep tonight, and that if we aren't hit directly, we might as well be dead because we have nothing to sustain ourselves with.

So now that I am fully convinced that we are nowhere close to being prepared I am feeling motivated to get prepared. I have a long ways to go, a lot to learn, and a lot of intimidation to over come but I believe I can do it! If I can do it, you can too. If you haven't started yet, like me, let me hear you say your ready to start getting prepared.

Check out Anna's blog she has a ton of info.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Camping Trip

It always seems that after three months of tripple didgit temptures, I get fed up with Phoenix and get the itch to get away. Laybor Day weekend was my boiling point. So I politely declared to Dave that we needed to get out of this barren place and go somewhere liveable. So on this past Friday afternoon, I said goodbye to Kids Corner and we headed up to Payson. We had no idea where we were going, which made me a little nervous, but I was confident we would find somewhere off the side of the road to camp. Once we got up over the rim we lucked out and found the perfect little camping spot. With just enough sun light left, we set up our tent and got a fire going for the night.This was Dave and I's first camping trip with just the two of us and the whole time we kept asking one another why we have never done this before. We had such a great time hanging out by the fire and making smores.
After a good nights rest we awoke to a beautiful cool morning. We rosted cinamon rolls over the fire and took a walk through the woods. By 11 o'clock we had played every game together that we had brought and then looked at each other and said, "what do we do now?" So we packed up our stuff and by one we were heading back home.
Not wanting the adventure to end, we made an unexpected stop at the Natural Bridge (one of my favorite places.) It was a little warmer there, so we didn't stick around too long, but long enough to see all that makes the Natual Bridge great.