Sunday, September 21, 2008

Growing a Green Thumb

Unrelated to my quest to begin my food storage, on Friday I began planting my fall garden. In June Dave and I built this raised garden box. And when I say "Dave and I" I mean mostly Dave, I did however waterproof the wood :)
My hubby's the man when it comes to building things. Thanks hon, you did a great job! Too bad I didn't realize before the box was done that it is so small you can hardly grow anything in it.

I did plant some carrots, lettuce, spinach, and herbs in it though. So here is a shot of the completed box and day one for my little seedlings.

And to make up for the lack of space in the box I planted some, squash, broccoli, tomatoes, and peppers in the ground.

Since I am completely inexperienced in the world of gardening it will be interesting to see if anything edible is produce. Gardening is like rocket science to me.

Only two days after planting, I've learned that I should have made furrows. All my plants were completely dried up when I came home from church. Lesson 1 in gardening: water more.


bdrain said...
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bdrain said...

You'll figure it out and even if you only get one little tomato or carrot, you have learned a lot and will have a better garden the next time around. I would like a bite of that tomato!