Sunday, August 21, 2011

Overdue Trip to Visit Shawna

I have the most Amazing, beautiful, exciting, caring, fantastic friend named Shawna. We’ve been friends since the 9th grade. The only problem with our friendship is that she lives in LA. Last weekend this wasn’t such as a problem as Millie and I boarded a plane for LA.

It was so wonderful to see Shawna’s home, and she showed us a great time around LA. Millie had her first trip to beach. She’s not a big fan.


Shawna and I went for a beautiful (steep) run along the coast. Which was a good thing because we stuffed our faces that night. We went to a fantastic Thia food restaurant.


Afterwards we watched the sunset beside the famous “Hollywood” sign.


Then we stood in a 30 minute line for a cookie ice cream sandwich, and yes, it was worth the wait.

Sana Monica has a wonderful famer’s market we were able to visit. We found some great treats and then strolled the near by streets.


A trip to LA would not have been complete in my book without a visit to one of LA’s famous cupcake shops. We stopped in at Hotcakes, picked up a dozen mini cakes and then sampled them all that night while watching the finale of “The Next Foodnetwork Star".”


Mille was a wonderful travel companion, but by the end she was tuckered out.


If it had been up to her she would have just stayed home and played with Shawna’s Goldendoodle, “Sandy,” the two absolutely loved each other. Too bad they were such a bad match. We’ll have to go back when Millie is older.

Sandy likes to dance.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Never Too Late to Celebrate Dads

Recently I was organizing some pictures on our computer when I came across pictures that were taken on Father’s Day. I had never seen them, and never posted them. Some of the pictures turned out sooo cute I have so post them despite Father’s Day being two months ago.


Millie, I made Dave his favorite breakfast; eggs benedict.


Millie wore “I love Dad” apparel all day long. Dave is such a wonderful Dad.

_DSC2673_DSC2675_DSC2679SONY DSC

Grandpa came for dinner along with Uncle Scott. Grandpa likes being a Grandpa just a little bit.

Date Night: Arizona Science Center

One of my very wise friends informed us that on the first Friday of every month the Arizona Science Center lets adults in free during the evening.

We were all over it. So at the beginning of the month Dave and I and some friends that didn’t mind acting like dorks around items geared towards children headed out for a night of great fun.

We started off the night with a great dinner at Applebee’s then caravanned to the science center. We had a blast. I recommend this as a great cheap date. The best part was I got to forget about being a mom for a little while and be a big kid instead.

DSC03971SONY DSCDSC03983DSC03987DSC03990DSC03992DSC03997