Sunday, June 27, 2010

I was wrong, we were all wrong.

Everyone has been telling me how I am going to have a boy, everyone except one confident patient and Dave. Even my maternal instincts have been telling me from the very beginning that it was going to be a boy.


She kindly proved us all wrong.


We are so excited for the arrival of our little girl! She will be so fun!


And for those of you that wanted a ‘bump’ picture, here is our little girl from the outside.


Thursday, June 24, 2010


Dear Body,

It’s only been 18 weeks. You have 22 weeks to go. It’s not a race. Pace yourself please.


                          Owner of a quickly depleting wardrobe

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Deals to Meals

Check out Deal to Meals blog and to see what they are all about, and the contest they are hosting.

Bosch Mixer 

The winner is announced in July, and I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed until then!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Finding Out

Unlike most women who hope to be pregnant, I don’t have to wait for my monthly visitor to not come before I go out an buy a home pregnancy test. On the contrary, I count down the pain staking 14 days from IUI until test results can be produced. In the infertility forum world we call this time 2ww (two week wait aka. the longest most nerve racking wait of your life).

I’ve had a lot of 2ww over the years and have gotten much better at handling them. In fact I would say this last 2ww was my best ever -most level headed, unemotional, and calm about the whole thing. Until day 12 when I started feeling like things weren’t going to go my way.

Resolved to waiting until I was very late before giving into testing, I woke up and tested first thing on day 14. I’m such a good waiter…

After taking the test I set it out of sight and tried to ignore it. Finally, I mustered a one eye peek at the thing, and then quickly looked away. Unsure of what I saw I allowed myself a quick glance which turned into a very long stare. I couldn’t believe it…there were two lines this time.

I know what to do when there is only one, you sit there and cry, and then go tell Dave, and let him hold you while you sit there and cry some more, but two lines…what do you do? I just sat there dumbfounded. Not truly believing it. Could it really be? A smile grew upon my face, as I tried to let myself believe that the day I had dreamed of so many times was really here.


I received this fortune during my 2ww and have held on to it ever since -just for fun.

Telling Dave

I had once thought of the perfect little “Dave” way of telling him, but always thought, “I’ll probably be too excited and end up jumping on the bed screaming it on the top of my lungs.” Call it a lack of believing or the early morning hour, but I managed to pull off my idea.

Sometimes I like to change Dave’s desktop background to a silly little drawing I do in paint, it’s dumb really, but I get a kick out of it. So, I took a picture of the positive test, set it as his background, changed his hibernation settings, emailed him to meet me at Cafe Rio for lunch, and left for work.

In Dave’s words, “I was not expecting to see that this morning.”

Telling Mom and Dad

As agreed our anniversary trip would not be ‘a go’ unless we got positive news. So with our good news we took off to Cali without telling anyone.

As we walked through tourist shop after tourist shop I couldn’t believe the lack of souvenirs with some type of Grandma Grandpa slogan on them. I wanted to find something that we could bring home and give to my Mom and Dad that would give them the hint that we we’re expecting, but I could find anything!

When time had just about run out, and I had given up on finding anything, I had the perfect idea –a photo in the sand.

We went to my parent’s for dinner the Sunday we returned home. After dinner, I oddly insisted that EVERYONE (Mom, Preston, Dad, and Grandpa (who luckily was in town) ). Sit down and look at our vacation pictures. Strategically placed at the end of slide show was this picture taken at Coronado Island.DSCF9502

It took everyone a minute, (while I nearly died in anticipation) but eventually Mom read it and got it, and then so did the others. It was excellent!

Class of 2010

My little brother is all grown up and moving on the college, tear*…it’s about time! When I think about high school I think,"that was forever ago! What are you (Preston) still doing there?!)

So good job Preston, and welcome to the ‘real world.' We’re glad you are now old enough to decide where you eat your lunch.

DSCF9562 DSCF9564 DSCF9566 DSCF9567 

DSCF9569DSCF9570 We very classily attacked Preston with silly string at the end of the ceremony.

Summer Harvest

I debated for several days at the beginning of March if I really wanted to plant a garden. I’m not the best at remembering to water and with work and taking care of the rest of the house, gardening usually becomes a neglected chore.

But I sucked it up and told myself my dirt was already and I committed myself to watering every day. And now I’m sure glad I did. Nothing tastes better than a home grown tomato.

DSCF9535 DSCF9537 Elle’s toy has become our scarecrow. Darn birds keep eating the squash buds.

DSCF9539 DSCF9541 This was our first cucumber, it didn’t taste so good, but their was a little one hiding behind it that turned out great.DSCF9543

I decided to give cantaloupe another chance this year. Last year didn’t go so well, and I now have my first melon growing. We’ll have to wait and see how it does.

Our peach tree also gave us lots of good peaches, but their aren’t any pictures here because I eat them ALL! :)