Friday, July 30, 2010

Kristi’s Shower

After years of trying to have children Kristi and Cory were finally chosen by an awesome couple to be the a parents of a baby boy!

Not long after Kristi’s good new, I found out I was expecting, and together we celebrated the end of many years of infertilitywith what else..pedicures! It was so fun. Kristi is so fabulous. So when it came time to throw a shower we had to make it a big celebration.DSCF9661DSCF9646 DSCF9647 DSCF9649 DSCF9651 DSCF9652  DSCF9656 DSCF9654DSCF9660 

Can  you believe it?! I didn’t get any pictures of baby Kase, but trust me he is a cutie-takes after his Mom ;). Congrats Kristi! You are an awesome mom already!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Operation Nursery Closet

For the past 4 years our spare bedroom has been serving as my guest/craft/storage/I don’t know what to do with this throw it in there room. (Which I am sorely going to miss).

Every time I would throw something on to the pile in the closet I would think, “boy, this pile is really growing. When the day comes to clean through this it’s going to be painful.”

So a few weeks ago, I was anxious to do something with the want-to-be nursery. And I thought, “can’t paint yet-don’t know the sex, but I can pain the closet white.” Which meant I would have to clean the closet out! If I had known how long it was going to take I probably would have found something else to do that Saturday afternoon, but it is now done and I am so thrilled.

I wish I had taken a before shot of the closet, but here is a shot of everything that I had to get back into HALF of the closet. What a daunting task. I spent hours and hours (it took days!) going through old pictures, school work, letters, and all those other things that you don’t want to throw away, but know they are not paying for their space.

DSCF9614 DSCF9616DSCF9615 

After a trip to Home Depot and Michael's for paint, a new shelf, and cool little wall unit. I managed to squeeze everything in. Now it’s no Real Simple make over, but it was cheap, and is now functional.


Cute little wall unit. Love it!

DSCF9631 DSCF9632

*Despite how long it took, there is something that thrills me about putting stuff in cute little bins and making it clean and organized. Totally wouldn’t mind getting paid to do it for strangers.

Now that I know it’s a girl I can’t wait to get started on the room. I love this fabric I found online- way to pricey though. I’m hoping to find something comparable at JoAnn’s that I can make my own stuff from.

…If only the room didn’t have dark blue carpet.