Monday, February 25, 2008

Fun In New Mexico

After weeks of anticipation our trip to New Mexico finally came. We left Thursday night and drove through the thickest scariest fog of my life to beloved St. Johns, AZ where we stayed the night with my aunt. Friday moring we continued our drive to Albuquerque and arrived there in the early afternoon. The rest of the weekend was filled with family and lots of fun. We spent Saturday snowboarding in Santa Fe. It was very cold but totally worth it because the snow was so great. It was Dave's first time on a board, and I must say, I was very impressed. He caught on so quick! We had a great time boarding together. The trip was short, but very much needed. It was so great to get away and have a good time together.

My Sweet Hubby

On Valentine's Day I walked in the door from work and found a trail of little white feet all through my house. I followed the trail into our spare room and at the end on the trail was a bunny rabbit cage! For that past year I have been harrassing Dave about getting a bunny. He finally gave in and surprised me for Valentine's Day. I've been so excited to go pick out my bunny, but then I started reading stuff about them online and now I'm not so sure I want a bunny...

Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Dave

Last Friday was Dave's birthday. We had a great morning off of work together, and then that evening Dave went to the Suns game (YES WE WON) while I stayed home and frosted his birthday cake (only a jealousy there).

On Saturday, some of Dave's friends came over to help us eat cake and celebrate Dave's 28th birthday. We had a great time playing Killer Bunnies (the most random card game you'll ever play). Overall, Dave had a really great birthday and we had a really nice weekend together.

I'm a slacker

So I have been REALLY bad at blogging lately. A little over a month ago my friend Kayla had a beautiful baby boy (yay for Kayla :) here are some pictures that I took when he was two and half weeks old.

Weston and Mom. Weston makes the cutest faces.

Aww Shawna, you guys look so cute with a kid ;)

We I also had a great baby shower for Kayla in January. And I made the most awesome dipper cake, if I do say so myself.