Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm a slacker

So I have been REALLY bad at blogging lately. A little over a month ago my friend Kayla had a beautiful baby boy (yay for Kayla :) here are some pictures that I took when he was two and half weeks old.

Weston and Mom. Weston makes the cutest faces.

Aww Shawna, you guys look so cute with a kid ;)

We I also had a great baby shower for Kayla in January. And I made the most awesome dipper cake, if I do say so myself.


TheMoncurs said...

Your diaper cake was freaking awesome. And incredibly useful, seeing as I haven't had to buy diapers yet!

Shawna and Dan DO look cute with a kid! We should start lobbying for them to reproduce.

Meeeeeeeeeeeee said...
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Tyler and Andrea said...

Cute diaper cake! You are creative! Did you make Dave's Suns cake too?

Staci said...

WOW! CUTE table-I love the brown & blue!!! So cute. and I absolutely LOVE the diaper cake-you are so crafty!