Saturday, November 27, 2010

How Millie Came to Us

in not so many details…for the sake of time, and how pass due this post is.

On Wednesday November 10th I went to work just like every other day. I worked my 7 hours felt fine and journeyed home a little sad knowing that Thursday would be my last day at a job I had come to love dearly.  As I drove home I thought to myself that it felt as though Millie wasn’t up so high and possibly had dropped a little. I took a short nap when I got home (if I had know what was to come this would have been a much longer nap). I cooked dinner and then sat down and watched the CMAs. Once I got bored of that I decided to do a few things on my lengthy to do list. Like find a pediatrician.

By bed time I was starting to have a few cramps but nothing unusual from the rest of my pregnancy. After an hour of some restless sleep I was up looking for something to do until the pain stopped so I could sleep. So I decided to pack my hospital bag and a few things for Millie (good thing I did). I was feeling a little better and very tired so I went back to bed. Only to wake up every six minutes or so as the “cramps” got even worse.

Somewhere close to 2am I started noticing how frequent the cramps where, and said to Dave, “These are about 5 minutes apart…” He reminded my that they had to be 5 minutes apart for an hour before they warranted anything, and not believing that it could actually happen tonight I said, “right, ok” and took a couple Tylenol and tried to go to sleep.  Shortly after, I gave up on sleep and decided to finish watching my birthing video. We never got to the chapter on pushing and I was curious how it was to be done, and felt now was as good of a time as any to find out. So little did I know I was learning about being in labor and what to do while I was actually in labor!

As the pain increased I was no longer able to focus on what my lamaze instructor was trying to tell me, and I decided whether this was labor of not I wanted to go to the hospital to have someone tell me. At 3am I called the doctor and after a short conversation she told me to go to the hospital.

Once at the hospital we left all our bags in the car, not believing that this was the real thing, and fully expecting to be sent home. However, when we got into triage and they told me I was 7! I knew we weren’t going anywhere. I couldn’t believe it! A 7! They rushed me into the delivery room so I could get my epidural before it was to late. While the epidural ended up slowing my labor down considerably I was very grateful to have it, especially when she was face up and had to be turned. We got to the hospital around 4 and they expected my to have her before 7, but it was 7:30 by the time I started pushing. Only a short 35 minutes later Millie was born at 8:04am. She was beautiful, healthy, and we could hardly believe our eyes. She was here! Two weeks early! We were so happy to have her and so blessed that everything went to well.

DSC00478 DSC00340


Thank you so much to everyone that has come to visit and has helped us out in the last two weeks. It’s been a great help. Thank you. :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our Veteran’s Day Surprise


Millie Kate Thomson

Born Thursday, November 11, 2010 weighing 6.8 oz and 19.5 inches long. We are so happy for our beautiful healthy baby girl.

Details of her arrival coming soon.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Some things about Halloween this year were still very traditional, but we also did some things a little different. There were still Halloween sugar cookies, and dressing Elle up in her hot dog costume, but we didn’t carve pumpkins for the first time since we’ve been married, and we didn’t hand out candy. Our friend’s little boy did a very good job of that. See, this year on Halloween we had more of a Thanksgiving feast. Thanks to our friends Beth and Brad we had a fabulous fall feast with some great friends. The best part was all I had to do was open up my house and enjoy the food.


Our good friends the Farmers joined us.


The kids were so lucky they got Mac and Cheese, yum.

DSCF0245 DSCF0246

And we got all this beautiful food, braised beef short ribs,  butternut squash ravioli in a browned butter sage sauce,  spinach salad with a warm bacon dressing, and dark pumpernickel bread with apple cider!


Thanks to these wonderful guys!


It was so fun, like something you see out of a magazine.

DSCF0251 DSCF0261

Here is our candyman. He did a great job keeping all the trick-or-treaters happy.


Chef Beth did an excellent job and deserves a big round of  applause. (no we did not have any popsicle sticks, a minor detail that was over looked.)


And Elsie reminded us all of what Halloween is all about, CHOCOLATE!

Earlier in the month Dave and I also went to an adult Halloween party. It was a blast.


DSCF0220 DSCF0221

17 Days and Counting


Day 17: Enjoying my Sunday at home… not sure what I’ll do yet, but that’s what’s great about it.

Day 18: Went to a movie and dinner with my hubby. We also went to Baby’s R Us and got the last few items that we needed. We are both getting very excited. It was a great night.

Day 19: Decorated for Thanksgiving. I love all things in fall colors.

Day 20: Thoroughly enjoyed myself while eating a caramel apple :)

Day 21: Made pancakes for breakfast (in the middle of the week!)

Day 22: Took a much needed nap.

Day 23: Watched Chuck with Dave.

Day 24: Celebrated Halloween with a wonderful fall feast with some great friends.