Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Harvest

I debated for several days at the beginning of March if I really wanted to plant a garden. I’m not the best at remembering to water and with work and taking care of the rest of the house, gardening usually becomes a neglected chore.

But I sucked it up and told myself my dirt was already and I committed myself to watering every day. And now I’m sure glad I did. Nothing tastes better than a home grown tomato.

DSCF9535 DSCF9537 Elle’s toy has become our scarecrow. Darn birds keep eating the squash buds.

DSCF9539 DSCF9541 This was our first cucumber, it didn’t taste so good, but their was a little one hiding behind it that turned out great.DSCF9543

I decided to give cantaloupe another chance this year. Last year didn’t go so well, and I now have my first melon growing. We’ll have to wait and see how it does.

Our peach tree also gave us lots of good peaches, but their aren’t any pictures here because I eat them ALL! :)

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