Sunday, January 17, 2010

“It’s a Peach!”

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I know I posted about planting a peach tree around this same time last year, but this is what that tree looked like in May.

DSCF1856 …The same as it did in January.

So yesterday we decided to give it another shot. This tree already has buds on it so we already feel a bit more optimistic.

DSCF9038 Dave after diggingDSCF9040 DSCF9041 DSCF9043 DSCF9052DSCF9047  beautiful isn’t it? We are so excited about this one!

1 comment:

bdrain said...

FYI I don't think you want blossoms this time of year. Make sure you cover it if it freezes at night.