Saturday, January 9, 2010


holiday 027 I turned a quarter of a century in December, I can hardly believe it!

Dave treated me like a princess, and surprised me with a one hour massage at a neat little health and wellness center.  And while I was getting pampered he finished the house chores! It was awesome.

Then he took me to dinner at The Bamboo Club in Scottsdale. I highly recommend it. Great Asian food, with a twist.

My actual birthday was on a Sunday so we had dinner at my parents, and Dave made his family’s traditional birthday dessert-Boston Cream Pie, yum.

My parents surprised me with this.

DSCF3307 It is so beautiful! And now my Christmas decoration collection is complete!

And my mom wrote this sweet post all about me.


Lonica said...

umm...I don't know that your Christmas decoration collection can ever be truely complete... :0)

The Longs said...

Happy Birthday! So glad you had a good one, and your mom did write a very sweet post!

Raquel said...

I know. I say that but then I think...oo a Christmas cookie jar would be great... or a homemade advant calander.