Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another Year Come and Gone

As Dave and I walked Elle to the park on New Years Eve I shared my 25 year old wisdom with him. And this is what I believe…

I believe that has we age and accomplish all the large goals in life…graduate high school, go to college, get married, ect. and begin going to work every morning coming home, having dinner, and waking up to do it all over again life can become complacent.

Unlike the teenage years where parents were pushing us to learn this or that, and teachers where telling us to work and this or that. It is now totally and utterly up to us individually to make ourselves continue to learn, grow, reach, and stretch ourselves in new directions.

And with that thought I asked myself, “Self, what did you do in the last year? Did you learn, grow, reach, and stretch yourself  in new directions?”

With last years motto being  Natasha Bettingfield’s Unwritten I forced myself to erase my inhibitions and push myself I little more, and here is what I did.

  • I left my job as a swim teacher and Kids Corner aide and ventured into the field of medicine and physical therapy
  • I taught myself how to make homemade jam and can it (something I had always been afraid of)
  • Expanded my garden and planted corn
  • I became an aunt, on my side of the family (it took a lot of work on my part)
  • I taught myself human anatomy in 8 weeks!
  • I got my name on Gateway Community College’s Physical Therapy Assistant waiting list, I am currently number 84!

Overall I feel pretty good about 2009 and I am optimistic about 2010. So far I want to

  • Run a 10k or two
  • Get on an Occupational Therapy Assistant waiting list
  • Learn some massage therapy techniques
  • Get up early to read conference talks before work

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that your New Year is off to a terrific start!



Lonica said...

Good goals and accomplishments! I'm still working on mine for this year... :0(

bdrain said...

As you get older you realize how much self discipline life requires if you want to truly 'become' someone. I don't know that I've gotten anywhere close yet. Some years I have the energy and desire to work hard and make an extra effort to move forward and other years I'm happy to just stay status quo. I'm glad to see you making so many good moves in your life - you are an inspiration to me.

The Longs said...

Beautiful picture! :) I love your accomplishments and your goals for the new year. Guess I need to set a few myself! Can I use some of yours? ;)