Sunday, July 6, 2008

Chef Raquel

On Tuesday, I decided to venture out of my comfort zone of baking and try my luck at cooking. As I contemplated what to do in order to avoid boredom for the next 4 hours I thumbed through an old pasta cookbook given to me by my mom. Feeling brave, I rushed out to the grocery store and returned home armed and ready to make my first homemade pasta (we were out of eggs so I had to go get some). As I started kneading the dough I was a bit nervous, but after awhile my confidence was building. Turns out making pasta is quite easy. It is just extremely time consuming, especially if you don't own a pasta roller.

Cutting the pasta. I had to unroll each noodle individually.
Drying the pasta.


Scott you would have been proud.


TheMoncurs said...

We LOVE home made pasta. You're right about it being a little time consuming, but it's so worth it!

TheMoncurs said...

PS I love the blog redesign
PPS I think it's funny that your mom has a blog.

LONICA said...

Looks good. Does your recipe book have any basil pasta? I'm looking to make some "specialty" pastas using herbs from our garden...

Matt & Staci said...

I'm extremely IMPRESSED!!! Especially when pasta is so cheap to BUY! I bet it was delicious! You'll have to post the recipe:)