Friday, October 24, 2008

Empty Nest

Every so often, when the weather is nice, we carry Jack's cage outside and let him bask in the sun and sing outside. A week ago Jack was outside when Dave saw 3 other parakeets perched around Jack's cages. It was at this point that we started to feel like less like we saved Jack and more like we sentenced him to a year in solitary confinement. Taking into consideration that he never seemed to like us much, he made the biggest mess on my floors, and the bag of food I bought for him had run out, we decided to set him free.

After sitting outside for a few days, to adjust to the new environment, Dave removed Jack's roof so he could fly away. The little bird brain just sat there, too dumb to realize that he could fly off. Dave replaced the roof, and to be honest, was forgotten about for the next couple of days. Until yesterday when I removed his roof again. After watching him for sometime, the phone rang, when I got back he was gone.

I so wanted to see him fly away, but it brings comfort to know that there are fellow parakeets out there somewhere for him to be friends with. So to where ever you are Jack, good luck, your sweet chirp will be missed, but your mess on the floor will not.

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Matt & Staci said...

Parker will be sad there will be no bird in the cage when he comes over:) BUT...I'm sure the bird is happier now!