Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fountain Hills Arts and Crafts Fiestival

I woke saturday morning with a great desire to go out and enjoy the day. Lucky for Dave and I, Fountain Hills was having its annual arts and crafts fiestival. So, after completing a few chores we took a nice drive out to Fountain Hills.
It was a beautiful day for walking around, and we had a grea time looking at all the unique items made by different artists.
The highlight of the fiestival for Dave was his first funnel cake. While on our trip to Disneyland I learned that Dave had never had a funnel cake! Since then we had been searching out opprotunities for Dave to try funnel cake. I even suggested going to the State Fair just for funnel cake. So when we were walking around and spotted a funnel cake stand we just had to stop and get one.

For myself it was all about the Kettlecorn, yummy!After purchasing our yummy treats, we sat in the grass and eat, talked, and watched the fountain. It was a wonderful Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Aw it looks like you guys had such a good time! I wish I could have come too! But I'll see you soon - I'm home in a week!!!

bdrain said...

While I love kettle corn, I think I would side with Dave and the funnel cake. It is just too hard to find, so you have to eat it when you can.

The Thomson Family said...

So, I was like, “Hey Mike! Dave had his first funnel cake!”
Mike: “What’s a funnel cake?”

What kind of a family did we marry into?! (Besides fabulous?)

The Thomson Family said...

PS Brent and Andrea's blog is on our list now! :)

Matt & Staci said...

How fun! Way to take your day & do something FUN!

I had my 1st funnel cake at Knotts Berry Farm with Matt's family last year! They couldn't believe that I had never had it!