Monday, May 25, 2009

Day Four:Key West

Our last port of call was Key West, Florida. The island used to be the wealthiest city in Florida, but today it is a huge tourist location. However, as you travel farther in from the coast you can still see tons of old homes with large porches and front yards covered in tropical gardens, they were so pretty!
We walked into a small indoor mall, and wondered upstairs where we found a very sweet lady feeding parrots. She told us about a free movie playing inside that she described as "scuba diving without getting wet," so we decided to go in and check it out. The film was played on three huge side by side screens. It featured all of Florida's beautiful wildlife and reefs. Dave and I were looking at each other and asking how is this free?! Then we figured it, near the end of the film it took a very different turn. Suddenly we were watching the a description of the 7 creative periods and being quoted Psalms. As we left the theater they were handed JW literature, and then it all made sense...kind of.

From there we continued our walk around Key West, this time in search of some key lime pie. A local told us about a lady that worked in a grocery store up the road and said she sold the best key lime pie on the island. So we headed up the road for a slice. We lucked out and got the last one on the shelf. It was the strongest creamiest key lime pie I've ever tasted. It had a great brown sugar crust, and was topped off with banana cream frosting. We met the baker and she was totally flattered to be called the best. She then recommend a great place to go get conch fritters, and after giving Dave an English lesson on how to properly pronounce conch (conk) we were on our way.

The place turned out to be a total shack. It looked like all its walls and roofing were built with depree left over from the last hurricane. It had so much charater, and was a great place to eat.Dave's conch fritters, which are basically hushpuppies.

Here we are at a the Blond Giraffe, a key lime pie factory, that every tour guide book will tell you has the best key lime pie, but our local friend knew better.

After walking around for so long we were getting hot, so we stopped at the dock, put our feet in the cool water, and enjoyed the view.

From start to finish, the whole trip was a blast! It was very relaxing and beautiful, and so much fun to get to spend so much time together.

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bdrain said...

I'm glad you finally decided to finish your trip. Dad and I have been wanting to go to the ocean and your trip just made it even worse.