Wednesday, March 24, 2010

San Diego

For our fourth anniversary, (I know I will say this every year, but “Omg, it’s been four years!”) we spent the weekend in San Diego.

My Boss has to make frequent trips there and loves to go boating, so he recently boat a houseboat there and offered to let us stay there. Free place to stay! We were all over that.

So Thursday I came home for work all ready to hit the road, but to my surprise Dave had spent his whole day off cooking hiss famous lasagna for me. So of course we sat and eat. It was delicious. Then we hit the road.

We spent Friday at Sea World (since Dave had never been). We had a nice relaxing time enjoying all the animals. It was so great because there was hardly anyone there.

DSCF9278 DSCF9288

Dave loved the polar bears,especially their caves.DSCF9315

Shamu was great, and thankfully didn’t try to eat anyone.DSCF9356 DSCF9369

But our favorite had to be the dolphins. Dave became good friends with one in particular, and he would follow Dave’s hand side to side in the water and when Dave would lift his hand the dolphin would splash us all.


One dolphin sat in the same spot forever and let me hold his tail.

After Sea World, we went out for dinner to a seafood restaurant that sits out over the water. We got  there right at sunset, it was beautiful, and the food was great!

 DSCF9447DSCF9450 DSCF9451

Saturday morning we went to a session at the San Diego Temple (which turned out to be in Spanish!) The beauty of the San Diego Temple is incomparable, it is absolutely gorgeous! Dave and I both agreed that the celestial room is more like what we imagined them to look like before ever going inside one. Beautiful!DSCF9457 DSCF9462 DSCF9464 DSCF9468

The rest of Saturday we spent walking the shops at Sea Port Village, relaxing at Coronado Island, and watching a late movie. We had a wonderful time together, and I am so glad Dave is mine for eternity!


Tyler and Andrea said...

Happy 4 years! We LOVE Sea World. Never been to that restraunt though. Looks beautiful.

Angela said...

Yay! I love the San Diego temple.
This post brought back some memories of our honeymoon. :)
You guys are too cute.

It will be FIVE YEARS come August! Sheesh!
We plan on ditching Caleb and spending four days in up-state New York (mostly Palmyra). With luck, the Palmyra temple will be #10 for me. #11 for Mike, the show-off.

Glad you guys had fun, you deserve it.


KaNdRa and JaReD said...

What a great trip! Happy 4th anniversary!!

bdrain said...

I think you left out one photo, didn't you? ha ha

Angela said...

Because it's birthday No.2
Like a No. 2 Pencil. :)

Picture This said...

Happy 4 years! Before you know it you'll hit 11 years of marriage (like me and Jason)! We will have been together for 15 years on thursday! I can't believe it! You guys look like you had a blast and so in love! Congrats!

Brent & Andrea said...

Happy Anniversary! We loved looking at your pictures.

P.S. We still want to vacation with you guys. Any plans in mind?

婉婷婉婷 said...

It's great!!..................................................

Angela Kay said...

how fun. I also love the San Diego temple.. their celestial room reminds me a little of the las vegas temple celestial room.

Angela Kay said...

also, a funny story. when we were in san diego and did a session, john had forgotten his shoes (the only ones he brought were green convers and we were too broke and cheap to buy more) so he wore a pair of mine.. some brown ones that could maybe maybe pass off as men's shoes, but they were so small for him that he was walking funny and their was a little height to of course i was stil cracking up as we walked up to the desk and i felt so irrevrent... but it STILL makes me laugh!