Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Halleluiah-It has arrived


Last Monday, 8 days ago, that’s 192 hours ago I broken heartily shipped my broken baby video monitor back to Summer Infants for a replacement.

Life hasn’t been the same since… Ok fine, maybe I’m being a little dramatic. The week really did go better than I had anticipated, but I must say I do love my infant video monitor. Why?

Let me tell you why.

It has to be my most favorite frivolous piece of baby equipment I own. I love that with the click of  a button I can see how my baby is doing. Whether it’s to check to see if she has fallen asleep yet, or why she has woken, or my favorite; to watch her slumber peacefully it is very convenient. Probably the reason I love it the most is due to my own laziness. It means with a flick of a button I can assess my daughter’s situation rather than having to get up (especially when I’m in bed) to check on her. I love that. Second, it alerts my otherwise fully occupied husband that the baby needs to be tended to. Third, I can comfortably go out in my garden and work without wondering if she is inside crying. Did I mention that I love my video monitor. O how I have missed thee, welcome home.

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