Thursday, November 8, 2007

Christmas Tree Skirt

Hey does any one have a pattern for making a Chirstmas tree skirt?


TheMoncurs said...

I need to make one too and the closest thing I've seen to a pattern is fabric at walmart that is like, preprinted and comes with batting and everything and all you have to do is sew it into a circle and hem the edges. Too bad it's HIDEOUS.

You could probably make a tree skirt without a pattern all by your lonesome's pretty much a circle with a hole in the middle, right?

Staci said...

I don't have a pattern...but ditto to previous would THINK it would be a simple thing to make, BUT I'm sure I could mess it up!:)

LONICA said...

I have a whole Christmas tree skirt project, but you need to be careful what you start because if your husband is anything like mine, he will constantly remind you that you have yet to finish that "Christmas tree skirt project". Let me know if you want it.