Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Veteran's Day

You know what is great about today? There is no school, and when there is no school I don't have to work. To celebrate the day off, my mom, brother Preston, and I, oh and our little dog Dieter, decided to go on a hike on Peralta trail. For those of you who don't know, because I didn't before today. Peralta Trail is in the Superstition Mountains and leads you to a great view of Weever's Needle. The weather was perfect and we had a great time walking on the trail and wondering off from time to time to climb over some really cool big rocks.
The beginning
These rocks were so cool, and what's even better, they have a really cool name; hoodoos.Preston wondered off the trail and tried to make it to the balancing rock until my mom decided that it wouldn't sound so good on the six o'clock news when they asked her why her son had fallen from the cliff and why he gone up there. To which she would have to reply I told him to.

At the top, Weever's Needle looked so cool. After, many many years of not liking the desert I'm starting to think it's not quite so ugly after all.

We stopped at the top and had a little break and a little food.

Dieter gets the award for hiker of the day. His four 2 inch legs carried him up and down 5 miles of steep rocks and he didn't complain once.


Staci said...

How fun! You guys are so good to go hiking on your day off!:) I'm also starting to see the beauty in the desert.

Staci said...

Just saw this on my friend Chelsie's blog:
Don't know if you are interested??

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-Cute, Bubbly girl
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If you know anyone let me know, or just call his office and ask for Tessa for more details. The number to the office is (480) 985-2977