Saturday, April 26, 2008


After 82 nights of cheering for our Suns, Playoffs have finally come. Unfortunately, our first series is a match up against the Spurs. Good for revenge, but not so good for an easy first round.

In anticipation of the first game, Dave and I had some friends over to BBQ and enjoy the game. Despite the fact that we lost it was still a great game. Double OT is always good in my book. It was so close that I was fairly confident that game two would go to us. After a great first half I was feeling pretty sure that my prediction would come true, but when the third quarter began all hope was lost. The Spurs went on an 8-0 run and continued to out score us the rest of the game. With 5 minutes left in the game I had to quit watching, it was just too painfully. And to be honest, I was getting really mad.

Earlier on the day of game two this conversation took place:

Dave: "Want to go to a playoff game Raquel? I know you've been talking about it for a long time."

Raquel: "Do I want to go?! Of course I want to go! Let's go to the next home game of this round."

Dave: "okay, I'll get the tickets."

Six hours later:

Raquel: "There is no way I want to go to a game. I don't want to spend money to get pissed off."

Dave: "Sorry. Too late, I already bought them."

So, I get all optimistic and excited about the game as I listen to Sport Center and hear every one predict a double digit win over the Spurs.

Decked out in our Planet Orange Dave and I are already for the game to begin. We get off to a bit of a rocky start but we think no big deal we've still have three more quarters to go. We couldn't have been more wrong. Every quarter of the game was like a repeat of the third quarter from round 2. We were out scored, out coached, and out defended. It was embarrassing! And I was ticked. Never have the Suns lost three in a row, and never has Tony Parker score 41 points in his career. It was ugly. We didn't lead once the entire game. At least last year we had good excuses for loosing to the Spurs; cheap shots, bad refs, bloody noses, ect. This year we were just bad.


Megan said...

Hey Raquel! It's Megan (Nelson) Packard. How are you doing? Are you living in Mesa these days?

That's awesome that you got to go a Suns game in the playoffs. I would've loved to go to a Suns game whether we won or lost (although I definitely prefer we win)!

Staci said...

It was a sad sad sad year:(

BUT your bbq WAS fun! MAYBE NEXT YEAR we can do a few more bbq's together...if they can actually make it past the 1st round!