Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sorry I have nothing else to write about

10 Years ago
I was living in Austin, Texas and about to complete my first year at Bailey Middle School, which was a huge achievement considering the heck I had to go through being the "new kid" in middle school. By this point in the school year I was beginning to make friends and really enjoying myself as a sprinter on the school's track team. I absolutely loved competing in the 800M relay!

5 Things on my to do list
Finish painting my last hallway door in order to be completely done painting the familyroom
Return my library book, "The Strong Willed Child" (I have many at my school)
Pull weeds
Mail my NetFlix back
Enjoy my weekend

5 Snacks I love
Mini rice cakes (too bad they are ridiculously expensive)
Cheese and crackers
Mixed nuts

5 Places I've lived
Mesa, AZ
Mesa, AZ
Austin, TX
Mesa, AZ
Flagstaff, AZ
Mesa, AZ

In that order, notice a pattern?! I just can't stay away from this place!

What would I do if I suddenly became a Billionaire
I would visit all the places in the world that I currently can only dream of ever seeing. Since the money would last my whole life time I would never stop going places. Dave and I would become like that couple on Discovery Channel's 100 Places to See Before You Die. Then we would pick our favorite and build a home there. It would be great.

5 Jobs I've had
SunSplash Lifeguard (woot woot)
Cook and cashier for Chick-fil-a
Swim Instructor
Kids Corner Aid
Personnel Coordinator

7 Things you probably don't know about me
I never cry during movies, give me the saddest movie you can think of and I promise you it won't make me cry. Not sure what that means about me.?
I hate cats.
I have this stupid habit of going to the grocery store and seeing something that I need to buy and not putting it in the cart. Later I realize how bad I needed it and I then end up having to make a separate trip just for that one item.
I've always wished that I had a talent for singing.
I know how to pick a door lock.
I can't do the splits.
I played the saxophone for 6 years.


LONICA said...

Yeah, what is that about always returning to Mesa? Lame! Just kidding.

Staci said...

I ran the 800M relay too! (believe it or not)

When in the world did you live in Japan & WHY? I never knew this about you!

I'm not a cry-er during sad movies either. Hmmm..what does that say?
I do cry. Just not during movies. I think my mind KNOWS they are not real, so my emotions don't trigger?

Are we going to have an Office Premiere party or what!?!?