Friday, May 23, 2008

Christmas in May

Wow! Hasn't today been the most beautiful day? Or as my friend Jeniffer would say "blessed." And not only because it is 50 degrees below normal, but also because it the first day of summer. Which means no Kids Corner, and because I don't go to the pool on Fridays, it means no work!

As I attempted to sleep in this morning, I made it until 7, I awoke a little flustered, what will I do with a day entirely to myself? With no obligations? I quickly decided upon NOTHING and so I have had a day full of nothing. I curled up with a book for a little bit, but let's face it I'm not a reader so that didn't last long. Then I tried to convince Dave to stay home with me, but concidering the week he took off last week that wasn't possible. So, then I ventured into the kitchen and thought what should I do today that would take advantage of this rare cool weather? I decided to bake because once it gets hot I won't be able to for a very long time, and I absolutely love baking.

Cinamon rolls were on today's menu, and as I baked them in my cool house with giant clouds blowing past my window it reminded me of cooking during the Christmas season. So I put on some Christmas music, and not just any Christmas music but The Charpenter's Christmas album, and pretended that it was in fact December. Christmas break in my opinion is way better than summer so today has felt extra special. I wish everyone else new it was Christmas and could be as happy as me. Merry Christmas every one!


TheMoncurs said...

The weather has been SO NICE. I'm with you on the Christmas boat..I sang Jingle Bells to Wes yesterday after I opened all my windows and let the wind and rain blow through.

You could have called me, by the way. Stay at home mom. Does nothing. All day. Every day.

LONICA said...

Sounds like a good time. I can't believe it was only 50 degrees in Mesa! (of course it was in the high 50s and low 60s all last week here in OHio...) Sounds like a nice day off. I took Friday off too and had a good time running errands.