Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Friends

It wouldn't be the end of the year without a water party at Kids Corner. We had another great year together. I love the Kids at Kids Corner, and I'm not ashamed to say that most of my friends are under the age of 10.

They may look cute, but kindergarten boys are trouble. The one sticking out his tongue took a dump in the boys urinal this year; he thought it was hysterical.
Cade won the bubble gum blowing contest, he was pretty much the only one that knew how to blow a bubble.
I love these girls, the one in the middle thinks she's hot stuff, she is going to give her parents a lot of trouble when she's a teen.
The boy in the middle is Sam..oh Sam...he makes you not want to have children.
Zack, is on my top 5 list, he's the funniest kid.
Aren't they cute!?

The boy in the middle, Riley, likes to sing on the top of his lungs while in the restroom. I think he thinks we can't hear him.
You gotta miss being a kid sometimes.


Matt & Staci said...

looks like fun! I always looked forward to water day at the end of the school year! So much fun!!!

Tyler and Andrea said...

Kids are fun!

Haven't talked to you in awhile. Hope all is well!

Hows the baby trying coming along?

LONICA said...

Oh man! The days of Kids Corner! Sometimes they drive you nuts, other times you just can't stop laughing. It cracks me up!