Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Grateful Day: Part II

On Friday, when many others were getting a head start on their holiday shopping, we had a wedding. A year ago Dave's Dad married a wonderful women name Estella, and on Friday November 29th they were sealed in the Saint George Temple.Estella is amazing! She made the dress she is wearing in this picture. They were so happy and cute.I for one really liked the scenery. All weekend I kept commenting on all the beautiful trees.
After the sealing we headed over to the club house for lunch.When I say Estella is amazing, I mean really amazing, she also made their wedding cake. Turns out she used to be a professional cake decorator. We eat cake.
And we danced. It was a wonderful time and so great to be with family.


angela hardison said...

Hi Raquel - thanks for your nice comment!

Unfortunately we don't need any extra help at work... we recently expanded and are still trying to adjust :) But if I hear about any other design company that's hiring, I will be sure to let you know. Good luck with the job search! And hooray for design.

bdrain said...

The trees really do look beautiful. You never told us about the cakes and the dancing.