Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Traveling Home

After the wedding was over, we set out for home late Saturday afternoon. A few hours had pasted when we reached Las Vegas. As the strip came into view I said to Dave, "Just for fun we should cruise the strip and then head back out toward Phoenix." Then half jokingly I said, "it's only 6 o' clock we should get a cheap room, hang out on the strip, and stay the night."

As Las Vegas came more into focus the idea sounded better and better.

One night stay at the Best Western: $60

Visiting Italy, France, and New York all in one night: very tired feet and legs
Two Ben and Jerry's ice creams: $8
Watching the famous Bellagio fountains: free

Being spontenous with the one you love: Priceless


kristi*june said...

you two are SO cute!! what a fun trip :)

bdrain said...

I liked the Master Card reference, but why the Billings, Montana temple?