Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Dave!

February is all about Dave. His birthday is on the 8th and then I get to spoil him again on the 14th. This year for his birthday, I made him his favorite breakfast, eggs benedict. Then I made him close his eyes while I'll pulled out his gift.I knew he would be surprised to see the size of the box, and boy was he.And what was in it? A much needed new suit! Yeah! The day before Valentine's I found Dave's car at work and did this number to it :D He loved the pink writing all over it.Then on Valentine's morning I made him this special breakfast (I love making breakfast) along with a treasure hunt to find his gift.
It was two very sweet days! I have the greatest husband and I love to spoil him.


Matt & Staci said...

You are SO SWEET!!! The breakfast looks SO yummy! Happy Late Birthday to Dave!!!

The Thomson Family said...

David always makes the best faces! He cracks me up! Give him a hug for me!

Kisha Atkin said...

Raquel, its kish! I found your blog from Melissa and Craigs. Its wonderful to see you and dave and how happy you guys are! You look great girl :) I sure think of you and the gang often. i saw the reunion photo from the holidays and really missed all you girls. You guys were the highlight of my institute experience. We are moving and while packing i found notes from all you girls when i had my knee surgery that i had kept. i had major flashbacks! keep in touch. we are at if you wanna pop in a say hi :) take care!

The Longs said...

Wow, you really spoil him! I think Jason was lucky to get a kiss on Valentine's Day! ha! ;)