Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Little Puppy is All Grown Up

Tonight we celebrated Elle's first birthday ("Why?" you ask, maybe it's because we like to spoil her, or maybe it's because we have no life, or maybe it's because she is just so darn cute! It was also a good excuse to make some really cute cupcakes.)

I love making cupcakes! They turned out pretty great if I do say so myself.

Our next door neighboors absolutley adore Elle, (how could you not?!) and came over for the celebration and cupcakes. Riley really liked his cupcake.

Dieter (my brothers winner dog) spent all night getting ready for the party. Elle was so impressed, but luckily she didn't eat him.

Instead she went to town on the new toy she pick out at PetsMart last night.

We are so glad to have Elle fill our house with joy everyday since we brought her home. I can't believe how big she has become.


Lonica said...

Your cupcakes certainly do look cute! What a funny costume for Dieter. Is he going to wear it again at Halloween?

Matt & Staci said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLE!!!:) She is adorable! Your cupcakes are amazing!

Ron and Brittany said...

So cute! Love the puppy, and the cupcakes! You're one amazing chef there!

kristi*jansen said...

Those cupcakes are TOO CUTE Raquel :) Happy bday to your cutie-pa-tootie pooch!