Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Amelia

Before Sconica returned to Ohio they wanted to celebrate Amelia’s first birthday with all the family. So, coordinating with her nickname “Peanut” we threw a very appropriate “Peanut” birthday party. Lonica did a great job putting it together. The decorations were so cute, and she let me help with the cakes.

We had so much fun frosting the cakes together. The best part was sneaking licks of frosting to Amelia, “yum” she would say. While at Knott’s Berry Farm, Lonica found some cute toppers for the cake that worked perfectly. We’re just not sure why she wanted them red ;).


 DSC_0030  DSC_0029DSC_0092

Amelia had her own little cake, and was so excited to eat it that while here parents held her hands back during the candle lighting she head dived into. She couldn’t quite reach the cake and so ended up with just a little Hitler mustache of frosting. It was too cute.

After the candle had been blown out she wasted no time getting down to business. Now here’s a kid that can eat! We were all so entertained by watching her eat that it wasn’t until the cake was almost gone that we realized we had let her eat the whole thing! It was a miracle that she didn’t throw it all back up, especially after swimming for an hour.

Happy Birthday Amelia! We love you!

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Angela said...

Great job with the cake!
EeEeEeE, only 80 days left until you are due! SO. EXCITED! :)