Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vail, CO- Oktoberfest

Yesterday morning Dave and gladly left 108 temperature to arrive in Denver, CO where it was an amazing 60 degrees. We then rented a car hit a great little joint downtown for some awesome pancakes (pineapple upside-down, black and white, and sweet potato flavors- amazing). After our bellies were full, we head west on the I 70 to Vail.

It was the most beautiful drive threw the Rocky Mountains. The mountain sides were cover with pine trees and speckled with bright yellow aspens poking out between them. It was absolutely beautiful.


We checked into our room where we will be staying for the next week, looked out our window and thought, "this will be rough."



In the evening we headed into Lionshead Village where we wondered around and explored all the town had to show. And it was quite a show. The buildings looked as though they were transported directly from a old quite Europe
an town.

Today we did some more exploring of Lionshead and Vail Village where there was a farmers market and an Oktoberfest festival going on. Vail Village was just as impressive architecturally as Lionshead, but with a more German feel to it. We had a great time walking around all the tents and sampling unique foods like Peach Cider-yum.




Summers Camp said...

I can't even begin to tell you how incredibly jealous I am! Hope you guys have an abundance of fun; you deserve it. *B

bdrain said...

Looks like you are having fun. You picked the right time to be gone - record heat yesterday 110! Enjoy the cool air while you can.