Sunday, March 22, 2009


To celebrate our anniversary we had a lovely dinner at home Wednesday night. I set a table that would havae made Sandra Lee proud, and Dave surprised with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. They smell so good! Dinner was also great! I made these great beef pops courtesy of Giada De Laurentis. (If you are looking for a good beef marinade this one is one to try!)

On Friday Dave had off work and so did I , yay for spring break, so we dropped Elle off at my parents and headed up to Flagstaff. It was so great to go back to where we first met. We visited all our favorite places, reminisced, and relaxed. It was a great way to celebrate three years of marriage.


Matt & Staci said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Glad you got to go relax in Flag:) Sounds fun!!!

Ambre let me try your orange cake & it was DELICIOUS:)

bdrain said...

We loved babysitting even if she did poop in the house 4 times. Glad you both had a good anniversary.

kristi*jansen said...

that is such a cute post. time flies! happy anniversary :)

i'm glad you have a pooch to pamper... cory won't let me get one :( but yours is a doll!!