Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Specs

Dave is always talking about the specs for his car so I thought I'd share the specs for my garden:
144 sq ft of corn; five rows, 60 1 inch sprouts
20sq ft raised bed; 2 fall planted spinach plants, 4 fall lettus plants, a few spare carrots, two cucumber sprouts (would have been more in not for the culprit in the background), two out of control parsley plants that I have no idea what to do with.
20 sq ft in the ground; 1 fall roma tomato plant (producing much fruit but have no idea how it tastes since one vegetarian dog is getting first dibs), 1 fall early girl tomato plant (very good), two new roma tomato plants, one sad pepper plant, a few basil sprouts, and 10 2 in summer squash sprouts.

Now as long as I can keep Elle out of the garden it looks like this summer will be very fruit full. If any one would like some parsley just let me know.


TheMoncurs said...

TEACH ME! I am so overwhelmed even THINKING about trying to plant a garden!

Lonica said...

You're garden looks great. You'll have lots of corn I'm sure.

Alyson said...

I'm jealous of your garden. We just planted ours last week. I'm nervous to see what will grow. Good luck with all of your plants this summer!

The Longs said...

Your dog sounds like my dog! We're going to try a little fence this year.....hopefully that will deter her from munching on all our tasty veggies! She also likes apples and raspberries! Beware the vegetarian dogs! :) Your garden looks great! I think it's great that the weather allows growth and production right now, lucky! I can't even plant ours for another two months!

the Hess' said...

I am so jealous of your garden. Some day.... This year I started mine and I have one little box I sure hope they will produce some veggies. If not I know who to call for advice. :)

Garrett & Melissa said...

I LOVE your garden. You go girl! I am sure that your garden will turn out wonderfully! Can't wait to see it progress!!