Friday, October 1, 2010


Over a week later, here is the rest of the story…


Wednesday was a pretty sluggish day. Brent was sick and it was raining so we spent most of the day just hanging out at the resort. We played several rounds of our new favorite game Bohanza (just bought it on Amazon, can’t wait for it to get here. Thank for bringing it Brent and Andrea the trip wouldn’t have been the same without it.) And I made some peach cobbler with the peaches we bough at the farmers market on Sunday. yumm.

The best part of the day was that evening when Dave and I went out together. We took  a short drive to a small ski resort town called Beaver Creek where we heard there was a year round outdoor ice skating rink. It was the most beautiful town tucked right in the valley of some ski slopes. We enjoyed a great dinner at the Dusty Boot and then headed for the ice rink.

At 8pm we were the first ones to ice skate all day. The ice was very slick and cracked beneath our skates, but I’m proud to say I didn’t fall once despite my awkward shape. Dave and I felt like we were in a movie as we skated around the rink. It was so wonderful. We couldn’t believe that just days before we had been experiencing 100+ weather.


Thankfully Brent was feeling much better the next day. So we all drove down to a town called Edwards and took a very scenic fall walk along the Colorado river.  Beaver Creek was so beautiful that Dave and I took Brent and Andrea there so they could see it too.

After a great lunch and two beautiful walks we headed back to the resort for another wild game of Bohanza!  On our arrival back we were greeted  with a much needed room change (the lower floor in our building had been having drainage problem on week-YUCK) we were also given a complimentary dinner to any restaurant in Vail (sweet!) We swam and hung out the rest of the day it was relaxing and enjoyable.


Friday morning we drove and hour to Glenwood where we took the tram up to the top of the mountain where we went on a cave tour. At first the cave was dry and only some what entertaining, but as we traveled deeper in we arrived at the live part of the cave and were able to see some very beautiful stalagmites and stalagtights.  At the top of the mountain they also had an alpine coaster that Andrea and Dave we on.  And not to forget there was a great view.

We completed our wonderful week with an amazing dinner at Larkspur courtesy of Marriott. They were featuring their Harvest menu and were putting on quite the show for the event. It was the most beautiful fancy food I’ve ever had. We had fun enjoying the food and pretending like we could afford to eat there.

Overall it was an amazing, cool, yummy, and relaxing trip. Just what Dave and I needed. Now back to real life and waiting for our little girl to arrive. Only 7 more weeks!

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